Friday, March 20, 2015

Springtime approaches

Hey, guys. So we can all agree that we want winter to be over, right? I, at least, am tired of the cold weather. A couple days ago, it was, like, 68 degrees, and I got really happy!!!! But then it got in the 40s again.... pooooooooop.
I was walking my neighbor's dog, Homer, a week ago, and I saw crocuses in somebody's yard. There were purple ones, orange ones, white ones! And not too long ago, crocuses started growing in my yard!!!!!!!!! Only orange ones, but heck! They're lovely, and orange is my favorite color!
I know I want it to get warmer, but I also don't particularly like summer, it's too warm and humid, and I always smell bad, and then there's the matter of Ticks. My favorite season is Autumn.
Comment what your favorite season is, and if you are planning any summer vacations, and if so, where you may be going!


  1. maybe I'll make a post about the things I do like about summer...

  2. we have crocus too!! its purple! :D :D

  3. It just got super warm in the Chicagoland area, only for the temperatures to fall down to cold again. It was really upsetting! Spring is my favorite season so I am dying for it to arrive, but Winter is standing strong. Hopefully soon, I'll see the 70 degree weather coming my way!

    Tara xx