Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My crazy weekend

Wattup, Everybody!

This past weekend was a blast! My parent's went out of town. Actually, they went out of state. I made up a song about it... on a date, out of state. On a date, out of state. Wooooooooooooooo. You get it. My little sister went to a friends' house for the weekend, and I stayed home! Weehaw!!! I hung out with my friend Claira up until 11:05, when I kicked her out of my house. See how I did that? MY house! Ha! Anyway, then my friend Madeline and her family came over. We had lunch, and went to Cat's Pajamas, which is a clothing exchange that happens every year in March in the small town I live in. After that, Madeline and I got dropped off at a make-up dance class, only to find that it had been canceled, and the phone number they called to reach me, was the old number for our old phone. Luckily, there were cookies and cupcakes and shortbread to gaze upon. I did a lot of gazing in the time it took to call my house (which was where my friend's mother was) about twenty times with no one answering. We had to wait an hour and a half until she arrived to pick us up. "Aren't you a bit early? Doesn't it end at 4:30?" She asked. "NO!" Was our answer. They went home, leaving me alone again. Then, my friend Abby came over!!! We got burritos and tacos, and watched a Bollywood movie called Paheli. It's awesome. You should watch it. In the morning, we made pancakes with chocolate chips in them, whipped cream on top, and syrup all over it. With a sausage on the side, of course. Then, we watched another Bollywood movie. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Also awesome. Also watch it. Then, my parents got home. YAAAAAAAAAY!
And that was my awesome weekend!


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