Sunday, March 8, 2015

More on the trip to Virginia!

Hey, guys! I'm not sure if I've told you this already, but we went to a couple of thrift stores while in Richmond and I got my awesome high tops (I told you about them, didn't I) I got a lovely blue sweater (suuuper soooft!!!!) But that was only the first thrift shop! On the last day there, we went to this huge Goodwill all the way across town. It was worth the long drive, I didn't get a ton of stuff, but I got some amazing junk, people! I got a huge purple sweatshirt and a lovely navy dress. My friend Awen found a shirt with Kermit The Frog on a rainbow and it's good to be green! written underneath. Me and Anwen also made a video that she uploaded to YouTube! Watch it here!  If you watch it, and look in the description, you see that she linked to my blog! What a darling person she is!

I'll have some photos of my trip soon!

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