Friday, October 16, 2015

The Westward Chronicles #5

Today is my last day. I will be packing tonight. I will be eating my last pieces of chocolate. I will be saying goodbye to Seattle. Yesterday, I saw Mount Rainier for the first time this trip. It was just as beautiful and majestic as always. I really hope that today, I can go to my old apartment and look around. That's one of the things that I pushed to the very last day, and thanks to that, I can only hope that I'll be able to do them before I leave. I'm excited to be home. To see my family again. And my house and my cats and my friends and my room and my tiny town. I'm excited for Halloween. I'm still making up my mind on what I'm going to be, but I would love to hear what you are going to be, so you can tell me in the comments if you see fit. I haven't had a lot of time to right on my book. And I didn't get to hike in the Cascades. The next time I come visiting, I will definitely make a schedule. So I know what I'm doing, and when I'm doing it, and so I don't end up not doing anything I want to do. I am almost done with Insurgent, and Mom just finished Divergent a few days ago. I hear Allegiant isn't as good, but when you start, you can't stop, so I'll be reading that soon.  I'll keep you posted on getting back home. See you soon, Ohio.

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Westward Chronicles #4

Over the seven days since my last post, I've gotten very good at Mario Kart. I like to play Peach on the Mach Bike, Standard Bike S, or Sugerscoot, for those who know what I'm talking about. two days ago, I went out to dinner with the super amazing Allie!!!!!! We went to Picolinos for dinner and then went to Fred Meyer. I ended up getting some cool Halloween LED skull lights for my room, a rainbow wig that doesn't fit, but I gave it to SweetShadesUnicorn, who loves it. I got a book for Ani (I have not forgotten about you, dear sis!), a small, soft Halloween cat stuffed animal for said awesome sister and I, an Avengers 2015-2016 calendar, and a supersoft fall shirt that says, "Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken". Before Allie came over, QueenUnicorn, FartMasterUnicorn, SweetShadesUnicorn, and I went to Archee Mcphee's and I got some Skull and cross bones hand warmers, some stuff for my Special People back home, and Pop Rocks, some of which we poured down the toilet as they exploded. Seriously, you should try this! I also got these cute little skull key "toppers" to put on the handle of your keys to tell them apart, and make them look nice. Have you picked up on my weird skull obsession? I just found out about it two days ago. I am really attracted to skulls! Cool!
I miss you, family!!! Hugs and kisses and don't forget about the cats!

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Westward Chronicles #3

Hi from the basement of the Sparkle Pants Kingdom of Unicorns. This basement room is like a whole apartment. I have a huge bean bag and a couch and a TV and a desk top. (not to brag or anything) I've gotten into the routine here and it's really nice. It's super great to see these unicorns again. Oh, hey! I almost forgot! My TARDIS backpack got here!!!!!!!!!! I will be posting a picture of it soon, for you eager Whovians out there. Today, I will finally meet up with the amazing Bubbi and Helvi and maybe even Nils! Bubbi and I are going to surprise Helvi when Bubbi goes to pick her up. CAN'T WAIT! I hope she remembers me. I haven't seen their new house from the inside yet, so that will be cool. They have a tree house in their yard and I can't wait to crawl up there with Helvi. And I really hope that Bubbi and Helvi will want to go the market with me again this year. THEY THROW SALMON. They actually toss the fish to each other. And the food is amazing. I also want to see Uncle Johann and Sarah and Theo and Ilsa!
Here are a few links to the local Derby teams:
Mom, have a wonderful time at the Women's Herbal Conference. Dad, have fun in rehearsal for Penelope. Ani, have a great time with Mormor. I MISS YOU ALL AND HOPE YOU'RE WELL.