Tuesday, March 10, 2015

50 things doctor who has made me afraid of

Blinking, statues, libraries, the dark, mall dummies, scarecrows, astronauts, tally marks, the sun, drums, gas masks, cracks, TVs, pills, angels, teachers, old people who stare at me, clones, drawing people, dark forests, wasps, quicksand, crabs, health patches, dreams, stars, the cold, spiders, fat, rocks, Romans, schools, remembering, ghosts, pocketwatches, Stonehenge, dirt, boxes, seat belts, clockwork dolls, the word "cyber", lizards, global warming, other planets, spaceships, water, gardens, bugs, fortunetellers, fire.

These are fifty things watching Doctor Who has made me scared of. There are many more, but I could only think of these at the moment.
Comment if you agree with some of these and/or if you have more suggestions!
xoxo, Eliza


  1. yes, my suggestion is that you stop watching Doctor Who!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mommmmmm!!! i will never stop watching Doctor Who. It's my THING!

  3. Impossible girls, snowmen, mummies, trees, silence, hospitals, sneezing, the color red, music, horses, ticking noises, fancy dresses, French gardens, windows, mirrors, insane asylums, ballerinas, fans, worms, all sorts! How far into the season are you? And how do you know about the tally marks?

  4. Doctor Who, giving people pantophobia since 1963. Or 2005, depending on when you started watching.