Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The troubles of waking up in the morning

There is this one point in the morning, when you just feel so warm, so cozy, so... peaceful... And then your mom comes in, shaking you awake and telling you that your breakfast will be cold if you don't hurry and that you need to start on your math. You have a feeling of annoyance How dare they interrupt your dream of meeting the tenth doctor! How rude. Then you realize that you don't want to eat cold fried eggs, you don't even like fried eggs! Then you notice that you have to go to the bathroom really bad... And when I say really bad, I mean rreeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyy bbbbaaaaaddddd! Then, for some odd reason, you find that you are hungry. You are never this hungry when you first wake up! What's going on?! Then, you count the things that are troubling you,

  1. you have to pee
  2. you're hungry
  3. your food is going to be cold
  4. you are tired because you stayed up late watching doctor who
  5. your mom won't leave 
  6. the tenth doctor is shouting at you to run away from the Cybermen, but you have to pee sooo bad...
  7. you have a headache

After you add all these up, you come to the conclusion that you're dying. After you have gotten used to the fact that you are dying, you go downstairs, take a pee, and eat your breakfast.

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