Thursday, December 4, 2014

The same obsession?!?!?!

Do you ever get that odd feeling when you're out in public and someone mentions your obsession? First, you get shivers up and down your back. Then, you look frantically around for the person who said something. You want to geek out with them so much, you almost fall over in an effort to discover this person's identity. Then, you hear them say it again. You look over to see a group of kids just like you. You decide to impress them with your great knowledge of that particular obsession. You casually walk up. As you pass them, you say something to your friend. You saw it loud enough that hopefully they will hear. "Allonsy!" You say. Your friend (who probably doesn't know what you are doing) looks at you funny. But all you care about is the fact that those people are looking at you. You are so happy that now you can geek out together. "Hey!" Ohmygosh! They're calling you over! You turn to see them  running toward you. Just then, you hear someone behind you say, "Hello! Did you get my text about seeing that movie about doctor who?" You watch as the group you have been trying to impress soooooooooooooo hard run past you and start talking with someone else about the obsession you love so much.
When you get home, you decide that you don't need those people to geek out with. So you call your friend who has never seen Doctor Who and ask if they want to come over and watch some with you. Then you spend five hours running around waving pens with marbles attached to the caps and yelling things like, "No, I'm the doctor!" "Fine! I'm Rose! No, Martha! No, Rose!"
In the end, you're happy to have your own obsession.

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