Friday, December 5, 2014


I LOVE Doctor Who.  If you LOVE it too, then good for you, maybe we can geek out together. If you have no idea what it is, I pity you deeply. If you hate Doctor Who, I morn your existence.

The Doctor Who Files

Fav doctor?
the tenth
Fav companion?
Rose Tyler
Fav monster?
The Daleks

Which doctor are you?
tenth doctor (i took the test!)
Which companion are you?
when I took the test, i got ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What would you do if your favorite doctor grabbed your arm?
first think I was being kidnapped... wait a minute... OHMYGOD IS THAT THE TARDIS?!?!? ARE YOU THE DOCTOR?!?!?!? IIIII LLLOOOOVVVVEEEE YYYYYOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What would you do if you were suddenly  your favorite companion?
excuse myself to the bathroom, then have a screaming fit. When I get back, game face on. If this is real, I'll be crying a lot later, mascara running down my face.

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