Friday, October 2, 2015

The Westward Chronicles #3

Hi from the basement of the Sparkle Pants Kingdom of Unicorns. This basement room is like a whole apartment. I have a huge bean bag and a couch and a TV and a desk top. (not to brag or anything) I've gotten into the routine here and it's really nice. It's super great to see these unicorns again. Oh, hey! I almost forgot! My TARDIS backpack got here!!!!!!!!!! I will be posting a picture of it soon, for you eager Whovians out there. Today, I will finally meet up with the amazing Bubbi and Helvi and maybe even Nils! Bubbi and I are going to surprise Helvi when Bubbi goes to pick her up. CAN'T WAIT! I hope she remembers me. I haven't seen their new house from the inside yet, so that will be cool. They have a tree house in their yard and I can't wait to crawl up there with Helvi. And I really hope that Bubbi and Helvi will want to go the market with me again this year. THEY THROW SALMON. They actually toss the fish to each other. And the food is amazing. I also want to see Uncle Johann and Sarah and Theo and Ilsa!
Here are a few links to the local Derby teams:
Mom, have a wonderful time at the Women's Herbal Conference. Dad, have fun in rehearsal for Penelope. Ani, have a great time with Mormor. I MISS YOU ALL AND HOPE YOU'RE WELL.

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  1. THANKS ELIZA!!!! I survived the monsoons of the herbal conference, and home is still here! I'm loving your descriptions of your travels - keep them coming!