Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Westward Chronicles #2

Hey from the beautiful Seattle Washington. And yes, I did survive the flight. SweetShadesUnicorn sat next to me and we wrote a short story going back and forth together. On my left was a silent dude with earbuds who only spoke to us when we asked him how to spell Illinois. The airport was crowded and big and lots of people from all around the world were there (DUH). Mom, Dad, Ani, I miss you all and am having a GREAT time. SergeantUnicorn  taught me a really cool way of memorizing certain times tables I had a hard time mastering. It's super fun. I already have a whole week's worth of chores planned and written down, just so you know, Mom. And I ordered a TARDIS backpack that will get here Thurs. 1 of OCT. I got it because it wasn't much, I loved it, and the backpack that I brought split when we got home! Actually split down the side! So soon I will have another backpack crowding up my closet.  Can't wait to hear from you all. More from my end soon.


  1. Yay! You made it! If you need anything or are so inclined drop me a line at allieger (at) gmail (dot) com I also gave your Mom my phone number if you prefer that. : D Hope the movie making is going well!

  2. Allie!!!! good to hear from you! I really hope I get to spend some time with you soon. Maybe we can go to that restaurant we went to last time? See you soon!