Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hello to you on this beautiful or not so beautiful day or night or whatever time you're reading this. So, you might not know this about me, but I really, really, REALLY, REALLY like Roller Derby. I'm kinda obsessed. My cousin, Lucy, and my sister, Ani and I have been thinking about what our names would be and our numbers. Lucy's would be Peanut Brutal #42. Ani is Bionika (we haven't figured out her number yet). And I'm Beauty The Beast #206. 206 because that's the Seattle area code, and I was born there. I don't think I would be a very good Jammer, so I'd be a blocker and work my way up to being super fast. But, there is one tiny little problem...


Yup. Where I live, we have a Team, the Appalachian Hell Betties, but you can't join until you're 18. I'm not 18. But I'm hoping they are going to offer lessons for teens or something. I really want to play, but I suck. For now, I'll just be going to Bouts and trying to get off the wall at the Roller Rink.

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  1. In Columbus, we are so lucky! We have three well known roller derby's. One is just for over eighteen but the other two are children's and teens. I almost joined this summer but I liked cross country better. Don't give up!