Wednesday, August 26, 2015

catching up with yo peeps

Salut! (Hello)
First of all, I want to say sorry for not posting in FO-EVA. A lot has been happening lately and also I'm a lazybutt. So, I went on a trip with the fam to Wisconsin for THREE WEEKS which was too long but still good. We got back about two weeks ago, and I have been busy since. While there, I finished the Hunger Games, (all of 'em) Divergent, (still waiting for Insurgent from the library) and Fangirl (an awesome book about a nerd starting college that EVERYONE should read). We started homeschooling this week and I have been helping with *SBC preparations. I have about four more weeks until we drive back up to Wisconsin and then I'm off to Seattle for ANOTHER THREE WEEKS. This fall, for dance, I'm taking hip hop, composition and performance, and ballet for teens. I have never taken ballet and can't wait. I ordered my new ballet shoes two days ago from Discount Dance Supply which is a wonderful website store that has stuff for dancers and gymnasts and also they have awesome leg warmers. I will post pictures of *SBC soon, for those of you who are waiting for them.

*SBC (Silver Baby Cup) is a ramshackle freakshow golf tournament that is held every year by the previous winner. IT'S AWESOME!

Salut! (Goodbye)

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