Wednesday, July 8, 2015

my 13th turning

At 2:56, Saturday, the 20th of June, I turned 13. I know in the past, i have done things like, eleven things you need to know about me when I turned eleven. So I'm going to do thirteen things you didn't know about me. Here we go...

  1. I can't stand the sound of nails on chalkboard
  2. I have never had fish fingers and custard (if you get this DW joke, tell me in the comments)
  3. I absolutely LOVE thunderstorms
  4. My favorite animal is an elephant
  5. If I had the choice to choose between throwing up or having diarrhea, I'd choose throwing up
  6. I hate avocados
  7. I prefer coffee to apple juice
  8. I'm scared of heights
  9. I'm a movie star (here's a link to one of my amazing performances)
  10. I want to be a graphic novel artist
  11. One of my favorite movies is Enchanted. Look it up if you don't know it
  12. I LOVE swimming in the ocean
  13. I write books

AND NOW.... drum role, please.... THE STUFF I GOT FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  • I got two chocolate bars from Pockets
  • I got colored pens from Erin
  • I got a stuffed Adipose from Ani
  • I got a home made Doctor Who TARDIS blanket from Mom
  • I got a Doctor Who Don't Blink Weeping Angel necklace from Dad
  • I got a Wreck this journal from Grandma D and Grandpa Greg
  • I got two pretty shirts from Morfar and Grandma Liz
  • I got the Theatre Illuminata series from Mormor
  • I got a Target gift card from Mormor
  • I got a Barns and Noble gift card from L.E.A.
  • I got another Chocolate bar from Abby
  • I got a beautiful home made necklace from Hannah
  • I got a sea green sweater from L.E.A.
  • I got a cheesecake from Erin
  • I got the Hunger Games books from Mom
  • I got a cute tank-top from L.E.A.
  • I got an Inside Out book from Grandma D and Grandpa Greg
  • I got a summer dress from L.E.A.
  • I got a shopping trip from Dad
  • I got a Doctor Who comic from L.E.A.
  • I got a sketch book Grandma D and Grandpa Greg

I think this is all, but if I remember something I forgot, I will let you all know. HAVE A NICE DAY!