Wednesday, January 22, 2014

art, art, and more and more art...

Hey there, it's been a long time since my last post so there
are a lot of photos ,

Red Riding hood from "Hoodwinked"

The moon's reflection on water

Sprites rule!

Sailor girl with heavy duty outfit 

Princess Gwendolyn 

Ginny Weasly

Luna Lovegood

Hermione Granger 

Even you can make your school outfit personalized

Running girl

By now you probably know that I love 
making characters with unusual coloured hair

This is the kind of witch I would want to be.

school girl

Drusilla Drake the goddess of the spirits (above)
and Acacia Drake the goddess of the Fae (bellow)
from the book I'm writing, "The Moon Witch : Twilight Dances"

 Warrior princess

Water elf

Wood elf

Sky elf

This is a drawing of a dried rose I have

Field grass and flowers

Sun flower with bee

Summer time girl

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