Monday, December 2, 2013

something for us all...

Most of these drawings are a little old in my sketchbook.  Especially this first one, she is an old picture of "Madeline Hatter" daughter of the "Mad Hatter"

This Summer outfit will start off my "Four seasons of fashion".  

Next up is my "Casual fall outfit".  Note the fluffy boots,very fashionable.  

And here is the "Gust of winter". 

And here is my personal favorite of all the "Four seasons of fashion"  
It's the "spring spree outfit".

This magical goddess has two elements:Air (the wings) and Water (the fins on her legs and arms and the waterbending). 

Warrior princess back from battle.

Now here comes the "eyeball crew"starting off with the three "girl eyes" according to the cartoon/manga world.

And here is the one "boy eye" also according to the cartoon/manga world.

Punk Pixie. 

And my favorite alien (Rose) of all time (well, maybe my favorite is E.T.). 

The tooth fairy that comes to me when I lose a tooth. 

Katara of the southern water tribe

You probably have picked up from my earlier posts that I LOVE this certain show called "AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER" where people can "bend" all the elements:  airbenders, firebenders, earthbenders, and my favorite, waterbenders. The main characters in the show are: Aang the avatar (a funny air nomad boy who Katara finds in an iceberg. the "avatar" can bend all elements),  Aang's pets (Appa the flying bison and Momo the lemur), Katara of the southern water tribe (a pretty and skilled waterbender), Sokka of the southern water tribe (nonbending warrior and brother to Katara), Suki (leader of a band of girl warriors that protect the village they live in, called the kioshi warriors, and Sokka's girlfriend), Toph Baifong or the Blind Bandit (blind and the greatest earthbender and metal bender and friend of Aang, Katara, and Sokka and Suki), banished Prince Zuko of the fire nation (skilled firebender and enemy of "team avatar" as Sokka names the group), Uncle Iroh (Zuko's peaceful uncle), Princess Azula of the fire nation (Zuko's fearless and murderess younger sister, so good at firebending her fire is blue), Mai (Azula's old time friend and now one of her partners in finding Aang,uses darts in fighting and later becomes Zuko's girlfriend), Tilee (circus girl, specializes in  pressure point attacks and part of Azula's team.  

More Katara of the southern water tribe 

Sometimes I feel like I am my sister's guardian angel. 

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