Monday, June 1, 2015

Eyes Like Stars

Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev is one of my overall favorite books in the universe. I just finished, like, ten minutes ago. It's about this seventeen year old girl called Beatrice (Bertie) Shakespeare Smith. She lives in the Theatre Illuminata along with all the players from all the plays. I tried explaining this to my little sister, and she got mad at me, so if this confuses you, all I have to say is, sorryyyyyy. I tried. My dear friend Lilly recommended these books to me.

  1. Eyes Like Stars
  2. Perchance To Dream
  3. So Silver Bright
I think there are only three books. I will start the second one tonight. I can't wait. Really. I might burst in the middle of Big Hero 6 while eating potato chowder. 
Click HERE to be transported to the website about these a-mazing books. 

I hope that you will check them out soon and read them, because they are extremely good and I LOVED the first one. 
If you didn't know, my Mom and Dad have been actors since the beginning of time, so I have always been exposed to plays and theatres and backstage secrets. I always got to go backstage at all the productions that my Dad was involved in, if I wasn't in it. When I was seven, my Dad directed Oliver! by Charles Dickens. I was in it. I was an orphan and a pickpocket. I had a bunch of songs that I needed to sing with all the other orphans and pickpockets.  I got to say one solo line. It was near the end of the play, when everyone is looking for Bill Sikes. I got to run onstage with a bunch of other kids and I got to yell, pointing toward Mr. Sikes, "LOOK! THERE HE IS!"
I was very proud of that line. Sorry, this post has turned out to be longer than I had planned. I think I'm just rambling now :P

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  1. You are destined to be a famous actor/writer/director. I love you!