Friday, May 15, 2015

Kentucky bound

On Monday, the 18th of May, my mom and dad and sister and I will be piling into the car and heading down to Kentucky. We are going to see dear relatives, Dave and Monica and Rio the dog and Lucy the goose (no offence, Lucy the person!) We will be staying two nights there, one in a hotel with a pool. YAY! But before we leave, mom and I are performing on Saturday and Sunday with our fellow Calliope Feminist Choir singers. Mom is a Soprano 2, I a Soprano 1. Apparently I can reach all those off-the-scale notes. That's news to me :) We have to wear purple for the performance, so I'm wearing a beautiful, long, purple and white patterned dress that goes over my toes, at least it did when I last wore it. Maybe I've grown. I hope so.
I know my dear mother, Slim Pickins, will be posting all about our upcoming plans. Click here to be transported to her blog, Plot55.

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