Thursday, January 29, 2015

Juicy Summers

a poem

I remember the summers in St. Paul to be real Juicy. What with Cali getting married, when Sarah fell off her horse and broke her arm, I remember Aunt Watermelon giving her a lollipop and Sarah sticking her tongue out at me, I didn’t get one. I decided that if I wanted a sucker, I’d have to work for one. I spent all day picking flowers, cutting the stems with my knife so I wouldn’t pull up the roots. I gave them to Aunt Watermelon. She called me an angel, but didn’t give a sucker. I remember looking down at Aunt Watermelon’s fluffy slippers and wishing I had some.

    Autumn is juicy, just not as juicy as summers are.

Hope you liked it! I don't actually have an Aunt Watermelon, this is completely fictional!

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