Monday, November 4, 2013


I'm going to get back into it with some of my latest 
pictures and sketches.
I have been into manga so you might see a lot of "anime" stuff.

Casual summer day 

 Out for a stroll

Your inner light 

Katara of the water tribe
From a show called "avatar the last airbender" 

Angel of love 

Tiger princess 

And then the cloud heads

My inner pirate 

And yet another cloud head 

Dragon riders

More pirates! 

Cute witch

I have been working with these online tutorials by Mark Crilley about drawing manga.

Runaway princess 

Sketch of a random girl 

Wind blown winter 

"Quidditch" player!

And more cute, stylish witches!


  1. Well Dearie, it is so nice to see you here!! Your drawings are AWESOME!! I especially like Out For A Stroll, Wind Blown Winter, Runaway Princess and the Cloud Heads!
    We cannot wait to come home to see you!!!!

  2. Eliza Jane, you are awesome!! What a marvelous gift you have - these pictures are gorgeous! I have no idea what manga is, but whatever it is, keep it up!! Thanks so much for sharing! I love you!!

    1. tokarz, love the bird masks and Kristen as Andros was lung-burstingly funny!
      mormor, manga is a style of art from japan and china! look it up.

  3. These are gorgeous, babe. I love the cloud heads especially.