Saturday, June 8, 2013

the first lines

This blog that I am doing is based on my art. Here you will see my techniques vary.  You will follow the path to different ways of drawing, coloring, shading and much more, so I hope you enjoy Rattlesnake plantain. 
I am calling my blog Rattlesnake plantain because it is a very beautiful plant and it grows around here, which is southern Ohio.

the star-streaked princess

funky female

 a twist to the french maiden style

disco chic

ball beauty

dragonfly duchess

steampunk bridesmaid

spring princess

party fashion

fall queen

elf queen

 American girl

purple sand queen

make way for queen indigo

All these drawing of mine were inspired from daydreaming,
books, stories and just plain life.


  1. beautiful! thanks for sharing!!!! I love seeing your art!

  2. These are lovely, Eliza Jane! I'm so glad I get to see what you are doing with your wonderful artistic talent. Keep them coming!!

  3. I love your new blog, and I LOVE THE PURPLE SAND QUEEN!!!
    Good work Lady!!